International Community Service has been carried out by the S3, S2 and S1 Biology Study Programs 9 July 2024 in Simbar Segara Magrove Pemogan Denpasar Bali

International Community Service was carried out by the S3, S2 and S1 Biology Study Programs on July 9 2024 at Simbar Segara Magrove Pemogan Denpasar Bali. This service includes planting mangroves, monitoring mangrove plants using boats, canoes and discussions about mangroves and ecotourism. This service involves undergraduate, master's and doctoral students from the Biology Study Program, international students, local communities and NGOs working in this field. The service is carried out from 9 am to 4 pm. The Simbar Segara mangrove area has existed since mangrove reforestation in 1983 until 1993, when the forest previously used for ponds was converted into a mangrove forest again. Simbar Segara's activities, in addition to preserving mangrove forests, also utilize mangrove forests for tourist areas by establishing mangrove ecotourism or mangove nature tourism. Manrove nature tourism is taking tourists around the mangrove forest by boat, taking them to turtle island and the area around the Bali Mandara toll road. Simbar Segara also makes limited use of mangrove forests by utilizing mangrove fruit into several snacks such as Bruguira fruit juice, Sonetaraia and others. Mangrove fruit is also used as seeds to preserve the mangrove itself